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My Story

Through a powerful personal story, the author shares his experiences of love, life, and faithfulness as he journeys through this world. Life is more than a series of events; it is and adventure filled with opportunities to grow closer to Christ, reflecting His light as He leads us further to our destiny. Author Mel Layne has lived out this truth, as a kismet moment with a young girl he met in high school would forever change the course of his life. Layne followed God’s call to sharing the good news of Jesus to her, and with many love letters and spiritual conversations, the two were married. 

With profound spiritual revelation, an inspiration for daily living, and a Christ-centered perspective of love and marriage, Living out His Unseen Plan in Real Time: A True Story of Young Love, Marriage, Faith, and the Unexpected captures the beauty of the human experience and encourages readers to surrender their lives to the One who holds the future in His hands.


The author's writing is filled with beautiful and illustrative descriptions, as the author relays to the reader the events, settings, and situations that occurred in this chapter of their story. The author paints vivid, lively pictures with words, descriptively shaping the visuals, emotions, and interactions of the scenes within the narrative. 

Throughout the book, the author effectively maintains an uplifting voice of encouragement and positivity. The author's word choice, writer's voice, and tone of the book inspire the reader, through both a spirit of positivity and the realism and vulnerability within the writing as the author shares this chapter of his journey with his wife, through both challenges and victories.

From a blooming relationship of youth to the wonder of watching God's promises manifest later in life, Living out His Unseen Plan in Real Time is a chapter out of forty-seven years of marriage and three years of dating. This Christ-centered narrative honors Layne's wife, Charlene, while motivating you to embrace God's unseen plan that glorify Him.

Within the pages of this uplifting testimony, Layne illustrates the power of true love and the profound beauty within the Christian life. As you step into Layne and Charlene's story, you'll discover how to cultivate a great marriage through nurturing your spouse's potential in Christ, even when faced with the unexpected.

The author provides a strong balance between a wonderful narrative and biblical lessons and principles, engaging and entertaining the reader while also educating the reader about God's Word and the spiritual values of love, goodness, and faithfulness. This balance incorporates within the book storytelling and teaching, both of which are effectively executed.


Glendora, CA

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